Father of us in the heavens, let be sanctified the name of You. Let come the kingdom of You; let be done the will of You, as in Heaven, also on the earth. The bread of us daily, give to us today, and forgive us the debts of us, as also we forgive the debtors of us. And not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil; because of You is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory to the ages. In [On] the Name[sake] of YHVH's CHRIST, Yeshua - the HIGH PRIEST OF MELCHIZEDEK FOREEVER AND EVER, ([Amen.]) I A-MAN.

Most must make free-will deciding choices - these are life experiences, hot - cold -or, lukewarm.

EPILOGUE, REVELATION 22:6-21; Words of Comfort, REVELATION 22:6-17 (excerpt): [REVELATION 22:11-13 (ILB)]he acting unjustly Let him act unjustly Still; For the filthy, Let Be filthy Still; For The [R]ighteous, Righteousness action; and [T]he [H]oly, Let [H]im [B]e [H]oly Still. And Behold, I AM Coming Quickly And My Reward With Me, To Render To Each As the work of him is. I AM The Alpha And The Omega, The Head And Ending, The First And The Last.[ ]

Grace To You, The LORD through HIS SON, CHRIST Jesus, Love You Always Friend[ly visitor], Pray [Y]ou Fare Well.


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[JEREMIAH 15:2 (ILB)]And it will be when they shall say to [Y]ou, Where shall we go? Then [Y]ou [W]ill [S]ay [T]o them, Thus SAYS YHWH: "THOSE WHO FOR DEATH, TO DEATH; AND TO THOSE FOR THE SWORD, TO THE SWORD; AND THOSE FOR THE FAMINE, TO THE FAMINE; AND THOSE FOR THE CAPTIVITY, TO THE CAPTIVITY.".[ ]

That's right [Family Worship Center] DONNIE SWAGGART (OH! ... Quick 'Air' Mommie's Holy Ghost!) (an Ahab): It Is Not For Sale And Your Suave Wicked Unrighteousness Has I[NHERITANCE] [Not Your's (http://www.zpcs.co & http://www.melchizedek.co)] coveting, thieving, and notwithstanding murderous problems before T[HE] L[ORD]. [PROVERBS 30:20 (AKJV)] [ ]. Be Baptized As In T[HE] W[ORD] - Repent [Family Worship Center]
< !--Dish Network channel 257: sbn live sunday morning service broadcast airing with/by him (Ahab(/Jezebel) & Naboth) 24AV5778 (05AUG2018) sermon; "Proverbs 30:20"--> And S[CRIPTURE] H[OLY] [C]omplete [M]ake [G]ood A[MENDS]. < !--Dish Network channel 257: sbn FWC: Associate Pastor broadcast airing with/by David Borg (Esau & Jacob with mention of MATTHEW 13:44) 28AV5778 (09AUG2018) sermon; 2 TIMOTHY [3:1-5[6-9] The Peril of Apostasy]. Damage Control by sbn: Dish Network channel 257 (7:00pm-9:00pm): sbn Francis & Friends: "(OH! ... Quick 'Air' Mommie's Holy Ghost!)" 30AV5778 (11AUG2018) --> G[OT] Your Attention?
You Can Not Be Forgiven Without [A] Disciplined Obedience Belief (D.O.B.) ... R[EWARD] Is A Compounded W[ORD] ... But You Were Made Be Taught By Your Father And Nurtured By His Wife. In Your Determined Stance You Have Your Reward[ing] In willfully exercised D[IVINELY] G[IVEN] F[REE] W[ILL]. COME HOME [Wayward] [C]hild ...

... 'blow out all four tires' - I Believe Not, But ... [2 THESSALONIANS 2:11[-12] notwithstanding 2 TIMOTHY 4:4 For 'TITUS 1:13-14[,15-16]' (AKJV)] [ ] - Yes.
Check it out - Kenneth Copeland, Jimmy Swaggart, John Hagee (do not forget to Give/Get a Reach Around To/From (or - From/To) YOUR [MAMMON WORSHIPING] PARTNERS/CRONIES).
[JAMES 3:1[-4] (AKJV)] [ ]. men do rob YHVH, John Hagee ([D]ispositioning a boy, [H]is [S]on, to do [H]is Wicked Bidding) ... A [perpetuated] Generational Curse ...
caught anything Joyce? oh, a thief's hardened mocking heart - okay ... Houston still has unresolved problems ...
[PROVERBS 28:[1-8,]9[,10-28] (AKJV)] [ ].

... It is foolishness to BATTLE with the unarmed - you WERE BEING ARMED; choose wisely N[OW] the weapon S[ET] B[EFORE] [of L[IFE] or of Death].
Remember: (Take These Excerpted PROVERBS (26-29) With Weight Or The JUDGMENTS W[ILL] M[ANIFEST] -) [PROVERBS 19:26-29 (AKJV)] [ ]. R[IGHT] N[OW]! - BUFFOON(S) Swaggart[arian]'s - utter complete fool(s): Step-By-Step or Lash-By-Lash (Instruction or Chastisement Holy Divine). ... some receive [A L[ESSON]] quicker than others having eyes to see and ears to hear ... understand - try (at least to bumblingly grasp): The A[DVENT[URE] OF] [HEBREWS 11:1-13:19 (AKJV)] [ ] hinges into the reality in [HEBREWS 1:3 (AKJV)] [ ] for[e]within of [HEBREWS 10:10 & 12 (AKJV)] [ ] ... minimally. Adhere to [PROVERBS 3:5-7 (AKJV)](i.e., as a[n] impressionable/teachable child would wondrously receive)[ ].
Here Is For Reception: W[ORKS] [I]n[of] F[AITH] Not [F]aith [i]n[of] [works]. ... anyone [W]hosoever ... Kenneth Copeland would do well not to [G]rin [A]nd [A]ttempt [H]is [C]ontemplation(s) Lest [I]t Turn Into A[n] Everlasting [G]rimace ... Be Baptized As In T[HE] W[ORD] - Repent And S[CRIPTURE] H[OLY] [C]omplete [M]ake [G]ood A[MENDS].
... poor Keith (Live Your Faith (with a door Mat[t]))Butler and partners ... yes, [H]e had to keep [H]is mind - Sober. ... hahahahahahaha ... run with wolves and you can expect to be eaten by them ... hahahahahahaha ... what a debacle (pit) [Y]ou's have made for [Y]ourselves ... hahahahahahaha ...

who's L[OVINGLY] N[EXT]? ... remember chance favors the pre[im]pa[i]red ... there is [[S]till] Time for S[UMMER] Fun! Come [R]ecognize[d B[Y]] T[HE] W[ORD'S] P[LEASURE] ...

Again, preambulatoraly, raise the pulpit's voice as to the several housed within[of] your worship before T[HE] W[ORD].

[P]raise [I]n Wholeness T[HE] L[OVINGKINDESS OF] T[HE] L[ORD]. In [On] the Name[sake] of G[OD'S] CHRIST, Yeshua - GREAT HIGH PRIEST OF MELCHIZEDEK FOREEVER AND EVER, ([Amen.]) I A-MAN

Some[One]Thing(s) quite [non-prestiditationally] cool
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