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THE FUTILITY OF VARIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES OF LIFE, ECCLESIASTES 4:15:20; Oppression, ECCLESIASTES 4:1-3 & Work, ECCLESIASTES 4:4-12 (excerpted); [ECCLESIASTES 4:1-4 (ILB)]So Returned I And Saw All The Oppressions That Are Done Under The Sun - And Behold, The Tears Of Those Who Are Oppressed And Not For Them One Who Comforts; And At Hand Their Oppressors' Power But Not Was To Them One Who Comforts. And Commanded I The Dead Who Already Have Died, More Than The Living Which They Alive Still. But Better Than Both, Of Them Which Up To Now Not Has Been, Who Not Has Seen The Work Evil That Is Done Under The Sun. And Saw I All Labor And Every Success Of The Work, That It The Envy Of A Man Against His Neighbor; Also This Vanity And Striving Wind.[ ]

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